Friday, September 7, 2012


A new installation at the Christensen Gallery, Augsburg College Minneapolis....
 On view September 4 - October 25, opening reception October 6, 1-5pm.

vignette |vinˈyet|*
1 a brief evocative description, account, or episode.

Within the Christensen gallery, Vignette employs a few simple devices to create an experience with time and value. Estell was inspired by the linear design of the gallery to create a timeline with a series of changing objects. A collection of live common houseplants covered in gold leaf became these objects. A series of golden vignettes inhabit and stretch across the lengthy wall of the gallery accentuating the feeling of distance and momentum, progression and regression within the spectrum. As the days of the exhibition pass, change will naturally occur in the state of the plants’ lives allowing the audience to observe the subtle effects of the material interaction and the explicit nature of decline within this scenario.